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The greatest miracle of all is not something that
happens to you, it’s something that happens within you;
this is the story of one such miracle.

Maggie opened her eyes again, and there was still
a hint of the emerald fire in them. “Yes you can,” she whispered. In the years to come, I would hear the invisible whisper of those three words a million times – as they wheeled me out of my hospital cocoon to finally take me home; the day I drove my new car that was specially-equipped with paraplegic controls; as Amanda buckled
me into the custom ski that reignited my passion for the
sport Mark and I had loved so well; the day I wheeled
myself into the hospital volunteer office and clipped on
my new nametag: Carrie Anne Murphy – Poetry Therapist.
But on this day, I was powerless to do the one thing I
would have given anything to be able to do.

— From The Healing Tree

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